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One of the most significant challenge in the Digital Marketing and transformation effort is to create One View of the customer – across channels and devices. CX Monk can help you just do that – create a unified customer view.

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Same customers, Different channels of interaction

CX Monk uses a central CRM and AI to converge and identify similar customers even when they are interacting across different channels. CX Monk also offers organic and simple methods to help converge customer identity thus helping you create first of a kind Omni channel engagement and marketing strategy!

Creating a Single View of the customer also helps you with smarter segmentation and precision marketing. This can increase your engagement and conversion significantly while reducing your marketing costs.

Your Social Media Activity, Email or BOTs directing users to a lead generation form can help you collect valuable customer information to help you grow your business.

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Designing lead Generation

Soon with CX Monk you will be able to design Lead Generation form using out of box wizard, no need to write any code to create responsive user friendly forms to collect information.

All information from partial or completely filled form will be put into the central CRM helping you constantly learn more about your customer & their behaviour.

This feature will be added shortly in CXMonk...

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Deploying a BOT

Deploying a BOT is a great way to boost your sales process! This enables you to help your customers with their queries 24/7 in a streamlined and consistent manner! Automation/Chatbots are a great, simple and affordable way to boost your business with more sales and you can get started for a cost of $0.

How it Works

BOT can automate a lot of information gathering and alerting the right person in your team to take the lead forward! The BOT is also linked to the CRM, which means even with automation you always will be able to maintain all customer transactions in a unified, single CRM.

You can also use your interactions in the BOT to enrich your CRM, automate your email marketing or even use Push Notifications. Notifications are proven to increase engagement by almost 35%. CX Monk helps you leverage inbuilt AI to time and personalize the notifications to get best possible outcomes and saves you time.

There is no need to write any code for creating new BOT behaviours or modifying the BOT. Users can also retrain the BOT with a few clicks, making the BOTs become smarter with each interaction.

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