Identifying your Loyal

Identify your Loyal Customers, your brand ambassadors, users who are there to help you spread your message are quintessential to a business’s success. The references a business gets via ‘The word of mouth’ or say a comment, share, RT or like is extremely valuable.

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Loyalty Reward

Reward your customers for their continued patronage and take the opportunity to increase revenue through cross- selling and up- selling to loyal customers.

It is seen that good Loyalty programme can boost your revenues by almost 33% and CX Monk aids this by helping you create a meaningful loyalty system, leveraging it’s AI engine to help you delight your customers!

Loyalty programme

One way is the Loyalty Programme offered exclusively by CX Monk

We can help you create your own Loyalty programme for the Social Age and in turn delight your customers for their continued support and business.

You can assign points to various social interactions, link the customers in CRM with their social persona and gratify them via a true Omni Channel engagement platform.

Coupons have always been a fun and easy way to

Redeem Points

The loyalty points rewarded entitles the customers to redeem those points in future purchases so that they receive the best value for their money.

Get Rewarded

Your customers can be rewarded for the interactions they make with your brand on the different channels of social media. These rewards can be in the form of loyalty points.

Reap the benefites of being a regular customer!

Based on loyalty points customers can be segregated into different tiers. Customers have the psychological benefit of being a valuable customer of the company.
“I am a golden customer for XYZ Ltd.”

CX Monk helps you create Coupons

CX Monk allows you to create your own coupons or use your existing coupons and use email or social media as a channel to share these coupons with your users based on their social interaction.
CX Monk also allows you to use a simple web application to even dynamically redeem these coupons in the store!
You can automate your coupon generation and redemption process using CX Monk and make it extremely easy for your regular customers to feel appreciated!

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Smart CRM

Make your customers feel you know and understand them.


Using a CRM system can give you a clear overview of your customers. You can see everything in one place — a simple, customisable dashboard. You can include information from their public social media activity – their likes and dislikes, what they are saying and sharing about you.


As a business owner, you know the value of staying in a good relationship with the customer. The business owners cannot ignore the greatness of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). As customers are the valuable assets of your organization, you need to have a good relationship with them and should satisfy their needs and let’s not forget about the revenue they bring in to your business.


Today, customers demand unparalleled experiences at every touch point. Such experiences can be achieved only when the CRM solution can adapt to their business needs. Be it for UI adaptations or defining the user interface and data model, extensibility is a crucial feature in any CRM solution. CRM systems have to be regularly updated to provide best of customer experience.

Engage customers with powerful features

The SmartCRM system is designed to organically grow in data points and customer attributes and thus offer precise segmentation, assist in strategic campaign execution and meeting business goals.

You can also integrate your existing CRM like SugarCRM or Salesforce with CXMonk and utilize all the powerful features to improve your customer engagement capabilities.

SmartCRM enables you to create Single View of the Customer and streamlining all your Marketing, Acquisition and support efforts.

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